CT-Vibro Platform

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CT-Vibro Platform™

This not only makes all forms of posture and structure corrective traction more comfortable and tolerable for the patient, but actually enhances musculo-ligamentous remodeling thereby improving structural and postural change.  This platform can also be used for core strengthening at its higher frequencies.

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Research has shown that Resonant Frequency, Whole Body Vibration, applied for more than one minute, slows the firing of the motor neurons leading to a general musculo-ligamentous relaxation.  It also increases proprioceptive sensory input and has a mild analgesic effect.

The CT-Vibro Platform can be used with Standing or Seated Traction Set-Ups.  It can be added to the CT Total Traction Device or the XZ Traction Wall Unit as well as many other corrective traction units.  Its dimensions are 20” x 24”.  Available in black/silver hammertone metal construction.

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Weight63.6 lbs
Dimensions24 × 22 × 10 in


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